Our camp and study tour programs are deeply rooted in science, art, and language, are designed to train new skills and new competitiveness. Students extend their undiscovered potential, combine multi-disciplinary and multi-angle understanding, and constantly recognize their new selves and the world around them.

American Camp

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Boston Global Education (BGE) is a professional education consulting company for students who wish to study or are studying in the US. With our main offices in the Boston area, we have been expanding across the east coast and eventually across America - has served over 1000 high school students with its unique private school program since 2001. 

BGE represents more than 300 high schools in the United States, including a variety of exciting winter and summer camp study and research programs, and has successfully provided more than 1,500 students to the United States with high-quality services. BGE has five offices on the east and west coasts of the United States to complete all ground pick-up and course services from pick-up to drop-off. The goal of BGE's services is to protect the personal safety and physical and mental health of international students, help international students adapt to American culture, education, religion, diet, customs, etc. as soon as possible so that they can experience a wonderful and exciting trip for both long-term and short-term study.

BGE has a deep understanding of the culture, values, ​​and expectations of Asian students and their families. If our students encounter any problems at school or homestay during their study tour and study in the United States, BGE will support and guide the students until the problem is solved successfully. We are always open to parents, students, host families, and partner schools to contact us with questions and suggestions for our work.


5 Local Offices

The best schools and education resources in the United States are concentrated in the Northeast and West. BGE has offices and management teams in Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. As a US-based education company, we ensure that we can always meet the needs of our students and lead the team personally to ensure the safety of our students.

Each office has a student management team

BGE works closely with the teachers and host families of the student's school to ensure the safety and success of the student during the trip, and to ensure a rich and comprehensive learning experience for the student.

BGE is your family in the United States

BGE is proud of our communication skills. In US camps and tours, BGE works with schools, homestays, and parents to help students solve problems. We also maintain friendly relationships with faculty and staff at partner schools to ensure a rich and safe learning experience for students.


  • We have cooperated with many high-quality private high schools in the United States. The quality of the courses is guaranteed, the safety of students is guaranteed, and the rich resources of school teachers and students are available.

  • We have exported American project products to many domestic language training institutions, which has won the trust of domestic partners. As a provider of study tours in the United States, we are more comfortable for parents and children than domestic agencies.

  • Our group teachers are all Chinese/Americans/Koreans who have lived in the United States for a long time. They have long-term team leadership experience and the ability to solve children's psychology, personality, and emergencies. This is an advantage that other study tour groups can hardly achieve.

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