Our camp and study tour programs are deeply rooted in science, art, and language, are designed to train new skills and new competitiveness. Students extend their undiscovered potential, combine multi-disciplinary and multi-angle understanding, and constantly recognize their new selves and the world around them.

American Camp

and Study Tour

2020 Summer Enrolling 

Diverse Theme for Summer and Winter






​Student Feedback


​ Your satisfaction makes us move forward!

“This year, I joined the study tour of BGE America. During the study tour, although it only lasted for two weeks, I had a good time. I met many new partners, experienced local friendly host families, participated in community service education, and saw the real American classroom. I like the way the class here, the teacher will give every student a chance. Sometimes, the teacher will not be angry when the students deliberately say the answers are outrageous. She will respect your ideas and like your thinking and your answers. You don't have to worry that your answer isn't good enough.”         

--- Jason Wu

"This summer, I attended BGE's summer camp in America. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, we visited universities, visited many places, and spent a few days with families in the United States. Remember in California adventure park, there was a short separation, an American asked me your partner? I said on the ferris wheel, he told me to take care of myself before he left..."  

--- Cindy Zhang

"Six days of school camp life, enrich and happy, and American students on the sports/English/history/painting class, class fun, more free, don't like China's elementary school, need to sit, students behave even caricatures with both hands, its class is free along with the gender, students are free to move around during class, in a hurry don't report directly from the seat, with the teacher so don't disturb the others don't interrupt the teacher's lecture... ..."           

--- Alex Liu



Which study tour is suitable for my kid?

Our Study Tours in the United States include STEM classes, American English classes, and music English classes. Please contact our study tour teacher, according to the child's situation and needs, learn and choose the most suitable American study tour routes and courses, and get discounts!


When is a good time to sign up?

Summer study tour: registration begins in January -- apply for U.S. visa in April-May -- visit U.S. in July-August


Winter study tour: registration begins in September -- apply for U.S. visa in November-December -- go to the U.S. in January-February


What should you prepare before you go?

Before going to the United States, we will have a pre-trip mobilization meeting to inform parents in detail of the travel list they need to prepare for their study tour to the United States, customs precautions, precautions during their stay in the United States and so on, so as to ensure that children are fully prepared.


Why do you choose to study in the United States?

First of all, study tour is not the same as traveling. The significance of study tour lies in getting new learning opportunities and getting involved in new learning and even living environment during the trip. Secondly, the United States is the leading educational power in the world. Many famous universities, including harvard, Yale, Princeton and Massachusetts institute of technology, are located in key educational states of the United States. The experience of living and studying in the United States through short-term study Tours in summer vacation and winter vacation can provide a direct opportunity for children to choose whether to go abroad for high school or college in the future.


Is America safe? Parents have safety concerns

The United States is a relatively liberal and democratic country, and I believe that parents have received a variety of information in various reports, thus worrying about the safety of their children during their trip to the United States. For external safety issues, we provide children with the most intimate 24-hour guard, real-time communication and reporting with parents, all trips include overseas travel insurance. My mother is concerned that we will be the custodians of our children in the United States.


How can parents know the situation and progress of their children during the study tour?

We will report to the parents on a daily trip. Through photos and information, we will communicate with the parents about the children's food, housing, health, learning, travel and so on.

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